Google Chrome Cast

Google TV, Google Internet, Google utube, Google Innovation, Google New Invention.Google group, the competitor of Apple TV has introduced a cheap "Chrome Cast" rather than its rival. Chrome Cast of Google is connected to TV's HDMI port to get direct stream of uTube from net flex.
New cheap and afforable device of chrome cast is introduced in American market with a introductory price of $35. This device is not available for internation users as this is only available within US. A new tablet from Google "nexus 7" has also been inroduced recently. No doubt Google's chrome cast launch will give a huge boost in the television industry revolution which will increase television industry. Google is a co-partner of Sony.
In promptly 2010, preceding the NREGA Google TV tried to enter the planet and 'google Tv' started some TV systems, yet the administration was blocked.
Google TV's second heading explanation for flop by buyers to buy costly spare part. Chrome cast only work with TV sets who have HDMI port in it. It mean this will not work with old TV sets who doesn't have this port.
A year ago, Google advertised the Nexus Q unit instantly because of purchaser reaction was withdrawn.

Huawei Ascend P6

Huawei smartphone, Latest Ascend P Series, Quad Core, 5MP Front CameraNew Huawai Ascend P6 is one of the finnest and slimmest smartphone having 6.18mm slim dimension. Huawei mobiles is going to launch its latest mobile having Quad-Core processor of 1.5GHz with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. Ascend P6 has a display of 4.7 inches HD touch screen technology. This much wide screen is best for convenient users as it is not too large or not too small. Its just a standard size gripping quality is strong.
Main feature in Ascend P6 is its 8MP main camera(Primary camera) with autofocus and dual LED flash. It has also 5MP front camera which made it different from other smartphones. Huawei Ascend P6 mobile phone has all features which a smartphone needs to be launched like 8GB built in memory and 2GB of Ram. It Also have FM Radio, SNS integration, Google Talk, Games, GPS, Dual Sim, Mini Sim, Active noise cencellation and all other features.
Hope this ultra slim Huawei Ascend P4 will work in the latest Smartphone market.,

Windows 7 Hidden Features

Windows 7 is one of the best operating system lauched by Microsoft. It has many hidden features such as "how to screenshot in Windows 7", "sticky note" and "windows magnifier It was launched nest after Windows XP. windows 7 is followed by Windows 8 which has many advanced features in it. But Windows 7 has still many hidden features in it which has an extra edge for the users. Some of its features has such a uniqueness that they dont need to be upgraded and no further download.
Some of the best hidden feaures are given.

Snipping Tool:

There are many programes available to take screenshots in Windows 7 but they are not built in. Built in snipping tool in best to take screenshot. In order to take screenshot you have to follow the procedure. Just start while typing word "snipping" in the start Windows search to find the snipping tool. By using this you can take 4 kinds of screanshots which are full-screen, window, rectangular and free-form.
Snipping tool process is complete by following a simple image editor. In image editor you can highlight things, mark things with different colors and pens. Your image is saved in HTML, JPG, PNG or GIF format. By taking screenshot of your Windows you can send it to your friends and use them for help.

Sticky Notes: notes are used to remember something which is noteable. This is a basic freature of Windows 7. To start this click on start button of the Windows and type "sticky note" in search bar. You can create multiple notes in order to be followed. It may be of different colors with different line spacing. Mostly it is shown in the right uper corner of the Windows with small or large size.

Magnifier: tool is used by those users which have low vision, they have problem with the small icons and they need Windows to be magnified. You can also increase the vision by increasing resolution. But by increasing resolution the images of the Windows erupt and they are not visible as normal. Type "Magnifier" in the search bar of the start manu. Using this magnifier you can adjust rather to magnify whole Windows or part of it. A lens of magnifying will appear which will be magnifying tool. Using the docked version in which the top part of your screen becomes the magnified portion of the bottom part.
You can also adjust magnification from 1 to 100% by clicking + or -.

Update Sony Xperia To Android 4.2.2

http://techgrown.blogspot.comAndroid phones can be updated to a certain version which they can support. This upgradation is according to its specification and hardware configuration. Sony Mobile the maker of Sony Xperia which is a largest selling android smartphone has different ways to upgrade. There are two ways which may help you to upgrade your Sony Xperia smartphone. This is how to update Sony Xperia to android 4.2.2.

Update Method 1:

Turn on your Xperia smartphone and go to the "setting" button.
While in "setting" tab down and you will find "about phone".click on this button.
When you click "about button" it will open "system updates" open it.
Your phone will show "your system update" however if you go down on
this bar you will find "check now" button.
When you click it your device will check whether 4.2.2 update for you smartphone is available or not. If there is an upgradation available for you phone then it will shows "update now". 
Click on it and make your android smartphone OS updated.

Update Method 2:

This method is followed when you try to update you smartphone through a PC connection. When you connect your Sony Xperia to your PC a notice will appear saying "Sony Xperia update available" but this notice to follow has no yield if you follow the following instrucitons.
If you havn't install Sony PC Companion software install it first. You can find this software free on net.
This software will help you to connect you smartphone to your PC and will make a connection with your computer or laptop. Once you have installed PC Companion software just attach and de-attach you smartphone from your PC which will shows you whether you device is connected or not. Software will also help you and guide you through rest of procedure in order to install new update. Whole upgradation procedure will take about half an hour in order to complete so update your android only when your smartphone is free of use. When update is installed your Sony Xperia will reboot. It will take 5 minutes to reboot.

Nokia Asha 501: 48hrs Battery mobiles are considered to be the most durable mobile devices. No doubt nokia has decreased its market share because Nokia company has not yet launched Nokia android phone. Nokia brand users are waiting for a long time.
Resently Nokia has launched it cellphone NOKIA Asha 501 which has the standby battery for 48day while using a singal sim.
Launching with Pakistan and Thailand, Nokia Asha 501 will roll out in subsequent weeks across countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. It is said that US, Canada and European markets may not see Asha 501 as Nokia is focusing these rich markets with its Lumia series.

Specifications of NOKIA Asha 501:

Height: 99.2 mm
Width: 58 mm
Thickness: 12.1 mm
Weight: 98 g

Display size: 3, Touch screen QVGA (320 x 240)

SIM card type: Micro SIM
USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, GPRS, EDGE

User data storage: In device, Memory card
Maximum memory card size: 32 GB

Main camera : 3.2 MP
Additional memory of 4GB (card included in box), expandable up to 32GB
Forty free EA Games worth €75 downloadable from Nokia Store

Available colours:
Bright Red,
Bright Green,
Black and white

Maximum 2G standby : 1152 h
Maximum 2G talk    : 17 h

Sony Experia Z Mobile has truly done their part to force themselves up from being a conventional cell phone producer to one who has excellent and splendid plans, this I can't deny. Since the time that they part from the Ericsson merger, Sony Mobile's coordinated enterprises have turned out to be dribble commendable, and their fresher leader models are dependably a stage in the right bearing. The as of late advertised Sony Xperia Z Ultra is
situated to wow more than enough individuals, where it gloats of being the slimmest

furthermore biggest Full Hd cell phone show on the planet, donning a Galaxy Note 2-testing 6.4" Full Hd Triluminos show that is fueled by X-Reality for versatile motor, guaranteeing your eyeballs are in for a treat.

Not just that, the whole Xperia Z Ultra has been deliberately created to arrive in a ultra thin figure which measures only 6.5mm slender, and it additionally accomodates to waterproof and dust-safe (Ip55/ip58) norms. Running transactions from inside might be a rapid quad-center 2.2ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, nearby Lte underpin for blasting quick exhibition. Not just that, the Xperia Z Ultra permits you to compose and portray on it utilizing any pencil, with the choice to utilize a chose stylus or pen to boot.

Sony asserts that there is additionally the Battery Stamina Mode which should help possessors of the Xperia Z Ultra enlarge its day by day utilize, acknowledging the generally high power utilization needed by the different fittings details of the cell phone itself. This exceptional Battery Stamina Mode might have the capacity to discover when the telephone is not being used, and close down the different applications that are sit with a specific end goal to monitor squeeze. Running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as the working arrangement of decision, the Xperia Z Ultra accompanies a 8-megapixel shooter that does Full Hd movie recording, a front-confronting 2-megapixel Polaroid, Bluetooth connectivity, Nfc underpin, 16gb of inner memory and a microsd memory card space. 

Razer Edge

The Razer Edge has a very comfortable and remarkable design which allow the users to interface conveniently. Gaming devices are mostly ugly but this won is the top gaming device. Razer Edge is a tablet which make you comfortable while playing games. Some Games can't be played on touch devices. This makes it possible. PC Games can be played on it even if they are modern games. I handed you an Edge, though, the first thing you'd say wouldn't be "look at the fans!" It would be something like "by the hammer of Thor, this thing is huge!" At least, every single person I showed the Edge to reacted that way. They're not wrong: the Edge is the biggest tablet I've ever seen, almost more like a prototype than a finished product. 11 inches wide and 7 inches tall, it's fairly standard 10-inch tablet fare, but at 0.8 inches thick it's like a laptop and a tablet fused together. Or three iPads, or something. It's really thick. It also weighs 2.1 pounds, again in the category of "preposterously large for a tablet," but that's the weird thing about the Edge. It's huge for a tablet, but 0.8 inches thick and 2.1 pounds is enough to make any gamer drool — gaming laptops are typically scoliosis-inducing monsters that require rolling luggage, not slates 50 percent larger than the iPad.
No one's drooling over the Edge's display, however. The 10.1-inch, 1366 x 768 display isn't bad — it has great colors and excellent viewing angles – but it's far from impressive, and far from what I'd expect from such a high-end device. A 1080p screen like the Surface Pro's could have obviated the need for a second screen, unless you really wanted more physical space. The touch experience leaves a lot to be desired as well: the screen frequently seemed to lag behind my finger or scroll awkwardly as I swiped through the Start screen, and edge gestures were annoyingly unreliable. None of those actions befit such a powerful device.

And make no mistake: the Edge is powerful. More so than any tablet I've ever seen, and even more than most ultrabooks and laptops. The base, $999.99 model includes a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of solid-state storage; for $1,299 and up, you get the Edge Pro, which comes with a 1.7GHz Core i5 or 1.9GHz Core i7 processor, plus 8GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB of storage — the storage may be the most compelling reason to upgrade, since PC games will fill 64GB of space in a hurry. (I tested the high-end Edge Pro model.) The spec that really sets the Edge apart is the GPU, though. Hopefully by now I've taught you that "Intel Integrated HD 4000 graphics" is a dirty word for any kind of gaming — integrated graphics are never very powerful. The Edge offers discrete graphics, a separate chip for graphics processing — in this case the Nvidia GT 640M LE — that is orders of magnitude more powerful. Mind you, it's not as powerful as some discrete chips — the 640M LE is designed for relative portability and lighter power consumption, not optimized for sheer horsepower — but it's still more than enough to power a gaming machine.
One more thing for your Razer shopping cart: an extra battery, which you can embed in the GamePad, for $69.99. You'll need it, because without it the Edge only lasts for about an hour and ten minutes of gaming, less on a game as intense as Crysis 3. With the extra juice, you'll get two hours and change of maniacally intense gaming. My visions of playing Assassin's Creed all the way from New York to LA are sadly unfounded, but I was at least able to play a full NBA 2K13 game while on the New York City subway (and break my record for receiving quizzical, "what in the hell is that thing?" looks in the process).

I got between three and four hours of life from the Edge in more normal use — browsing the web, watching videos, and the like. When I was doing lighter things, and thus not engaging that power-hungry GPU, it lasted longer, but as soon as the fans kick on the battery starts to falter. For the most part, I just kept the Edge plugged in, either to the dock or the GamePad — the power cable is pretty long, and it snaps securely into the bottom of the device. This device is too big, too heavy, and too cumbersome to be really portable anyway, so I don't mind the battery issues — it'll shut your kid up on the car ride home or last you an hour spent gaming in bed before you go to sleep, and that's at least something.

New American Immigration Policy

The U.S. Senate has approved a bill under which eleven million immigrants to obtain U.S. citizenship can be granted. This issue got 68% vote for giving immigration and 32% vote for negative.
By the time going forward until it does not support several Republican members who opposed the bill.
Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama said in a statement after the passing of this bill, this bill through the broken U.S. immigration system link near the critical point is reached.

He said the Senate and the House of Representatives their job to do the same.
President Obama's presidential campaign in the U.S. Comprehensive reforms in immigration laws for immigrants was promised.

The Republican members of the anti-immigrant living in the U.S. to give concession to Republican in the Senate voted in favor of this bill.
U.S. Senate leader Harry Reid on Thursday at all 99 polling colleagues in the Senate will be asked to vote for the bill.
He said, 'Do not vote for these people to scatter.
U.S. Democratic Senator Dick Durban said the bill documents such immigrant youth who did not care.
U.S. analysts acknowledge that several Republican members of the country's immigration reform bill in the next elections will be important for their future.

Samsung ATIV Q Tablet

samsung ATIV Q, thinnest tab, latest tab by samsungSamsung has launched its new Tablet.This is the most advanced Samsung Tablet named as "ATIV Q". This tablet has 13.3" screen. A unique feature of this Samsung tablet is it can run two operating systems, Windows 8 and Android operating system. some people dont like to type on touch screen. This tablet has some special attraction for those users because it has a keyboard which can be withdrawn from tablet and can be used for both keyboard and stand. Following Asus Tablet and Asus laptop Samsung launched Samsung ATIV Q.

 According to our opinion this tablet will open new era of technology and will have a great share in technology market because of its unique features. Both Google and Microsoft applications can be used. So you can get and use both Google and Microsoft Applications. Samsung ATIV
Q has Intel chip and has a battery life of 9 hours. Its display screen is designed in such a way which can be used in night as well as in daylight so that user will have no problem according to display. On the same day a new computer was launched by Samsung called Active Tab 3. It is said that this is the thinnest tab ever launched by Samsung. This Tab has Windows 8 operating system

Huawai Ascend P4

Huawei Ascend P6 is going to announce in few days. Huawai has claimed that Ascend P6 is the thinnest phone ever with new look with a screan of 4.7 inches. This new smartphone from Huawai gives a smooth look having three colors to be presented to its market Black, White , Pink. Ascend Huawai P4 has a quad processor of 1.5Ghz with 2GB Ram which can run faster Ascend P4 according to the demand
of it user. This smartphone is comparitive low wieght having 120g. This phone from Huawei can support upto 32GB microSD having an inernal memory of 8GB. This new cellphone from China has dual camera. Primary camera which is front camera has 8MP having HD result and a secondary camera of 5MP having 720P which is quite impressive. This smartphone of 2013 has all the features like:

 SNS integration,
 Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic,
 DivX/XviD/WMV player,
 MP3/WMA/WAV player,
 Google Search, Maps, Gmail,
 Google Talk,
 Document viewer,
 Photo viewer/editor,
With a battery of Li-Po 2000mAh.
We think this is the best smartphone of 2013 with low price.

News About Facebook

Where is facebook, every body nows these days because facebook has got a great place in social media. A facebook is a website which allows you to share and see what have your friends in their mind by sharing pics and videos. Even a child know how to use facebook and how to share and comment on posts. Why facebook has become so popular, is a stunning question. Face book is a book which containes your personal data like pictures, videos, comments and other data. Many facebook users are very active facebook users. This is the reason why U.S. intelligence is getting help from facebook data. Facebook claimed that ovey 9 to 10 applications have been received for facebook user's data for U.S. serveillance of electronic spy operation. Company said that these applications were about 18 to 19 thousand user accounts and their relationship to crime.
The association composed a blog entry on the Facebook Ted aulyut assortment of requisitions, incorporating testing done in association with the vanishing of youngsters, elected outlaw suspect, small qualified information about the nearby criminal and terrorist dangers said.

He included: "We reject these appeals are ordinarily government or lessening in your requisition or request that you furnish the materials required at Data or informative content.
Specialized Assistant snudn previous Cia said they called crystal to spread informative data about the project chose to safeguard the freedoms of the planet.

British daily paper The Guardian had distributed the news that the U.S. knowledge organization of the system through individual movies, photographs and messages are taken out to the particular individuals could be observed.

HTC Charging Cable

 Now the technology has travelled a long distance and people preffer to be have great convenience while using any technology. Same is the case with Smartphones. Nokia, Samsung, HTC and other android smartphones makers have come to know that th mobile phone users should be facilitated while using their product.

We have conducted a research and found that the data cable of old nokia mobile phone is the charging cables of androids. So it is concluded that charging cable of HTC, Samsung androids and Nokia data cable is same. Charging cable of all androids is same.

Install Temple Run 2 on iphone and Android is how to install Temple Run 2 on mobile phone Temple Run 2 is a very popular game.Temple Run 2 brought a new zip-line rope and a mine cart segment, the rope segments are free of obstacles, and serve as a brief respite from the chaos accompanied by a soaring feeling as you fly past bottomless drops, tilting to collect coinsMine Cart segments offer more of the same running, dressed up as something new, tilting to keep the cart on broken single rails and turning to avoid dead ends.

If you want to install Temple Run 2 from htc you have to open menu and go to play store. If you have no credit card and you want to install it free them go to the tab "top free" search Temple Run 2 and follow the instructions.

If you have Samsung mobile then go to the "app store" to download this game. The main thing to remember while installing the game is to connect to internet, through Sim or WiFi internet connection.If you like this post please comment and share with your friends.

You can install this game for iphone 3GS, iphone 3S, iphone 4 and iphone 5 for free:
Install Temple Run 2.

You can also install Temple Run 2 for other android smartphones.
Install Temple Run 2

Android Not Charging htc is not charged even it is connected to a genuine charger. Charging problem of htc evo 4g is very common. I have htc evo 4g. I am using it for a longtime. Few days back i suffer from a charging problem. My cell didn't charge even if i connected charger whole night, if charge it took 4 to 5 hours to complete. I was worried. I though that my cell's charging port, charging IC or battery has problem. After a long investigation i realized that there was no problem of any kind with my htc. Only problem was charging cable. If you have any of the above problem don't worry just replace your charging cable no matter it is genuine or non-genuine.
There is anothor problem, dont make the charging cable long. If it is long enough then your charger will not work properly.

Salary Increase 2013

Government of Pakistan didn't increase the salaries of the Government employees. But after the protest of the employees a committee was set to review the matter of pay in budget 2013. Commitee give the suggestion of 7% increase in Federal Government employee's pay, finally it was decided that a 10% increase in salary is much so 10% increase is approved on 15th june 2013. So every employee should watch his/her salary calculator and increase its salary 10%.

Google Services

Ask people what is the Google and in the form of a sentence is a difficult question to answer, "Google is ...". Google is not widely accepted, but what is Google?

Think of Google's major initiatives.

Google is a search engine. In fact, according to Google 66% market share search engine. And the media that the model is not dead. Google search engine with $ 53 billion in advertising revenue, and $ 300B market cap is the largest technology company. Google makes it interesting as more and more people use search, Google search, people really want it "learns". Google's Q4 earnings transcript (Alpha Search), the "companies of all sizes increase their online advertising investment and we continue to embrace the big players. Actually, here's an interesting tidbit. Looking across the display In, YouTube and more, our Advertisers to the top 25. during the year are spending an average of $ 150 million "and copy Google's Q1 earnings by more than 95% of their advertisers Screen Run across their ad campaigns have adopted.

Google's YouTube. Alexa ranks YouTube as the United States and the third most popular website in the world and it is the most popular online video websites. And it's great reach and influence. Celebrities on YouTube to go viral and buzz marketing has created. Google investors should be happy that a step has been invested in video. YouTube's popularity, it was similar to a Subscription model and unique leverage on youtube, may be more likely to see it succeed plans.

Gmail is Google. Here's the exact rate is difficult to find. comScore, Google now 289 million, respectively, Yahoo! and Microsoft Outlook with Hotmail features the top 325 million users and $ 298 million in closing that. Alternatively, Google has 425 million active Gmail users said about a year ago. Regardless, Google, e-mail This e-mail with strong offers and promotions from The Hangouts (like Skype) and his new ability to afford a g-mail e-mail (via Google Wallet) as innovative ways to improve the experience, is coming along.

Google, the Android operating system. Download Android mobile operating system dominated league charts. IDC the Android operating system in the mobile operating system market share to 75 percent this year compared to the year increased 79.5% reported last week. He is still the Android market share numbers for most. And with Google's operating system is the opportunity to get free apps which comes ecosystem.

Google Maps has. Apple to remove the iOS6 release of Google Maps, Google Maps, a comScore analysis of the year-end as measured by unique monthly visitors on 2012 (not just the top ranking map app) in was ranked top mobile app. Apple's reaction to the move worth it because Apple can not do. Not only Tim Cook, CEO, Apple has replaced Google Maps map to issue a public apology, but within three months, Google on Apple's iTunes store, a new and improved I was able to put Google Maps. Google Map app is the most rated and Maps to provide location-based ads to come with a unique opportunity. (Also note, Google Play, Gmail, search, and YouTube for the most popular mobile apps, five of the top six places.)

Google sells hardware. Motorola's smartphones and tablets and Google's smartphone portfolio with Google's Nexus line are not forgotten about.

Google is creating ultra high-speed Internet connection. To date, Google Provo and Austin, Texas with her announcements to roll out its fiber connections in Kansas City has to offer. Ultra high-speed Internet connections in the U.S. than in average Internet connection speeds 100 times faster. The company has remained tight-lipped about its plans, but at least, better Internet connection to use the internet to maximize leadership, which means a better Internet experience, can be assumed. And Google ad campaigns across the screen with the ability to provide better basis for Internet ads.

Google is now streaming music. This past week, all accessible via Google Play Music $ 9.99 per month ($ 7.99 for the first user) for a monthly subscription rate of one million songs announced its intention to present. Only 13 percent of them pay for the service, and service, of which an estimated 6 million salary with 22 million users 175 million users it with Spotify, Pandora takes.

Google Wearable technology. Google glasses, eyeglass frames embedded in a wearable computer, received a lot of attention, and it has been officially released before it was even banned in some places. Google, like others, these wearable devices, making it easy to take with you to create a new province is established. Today, Google to mainstream glasses cost more than $ 1,500 for expenses, but provides the technology and its related facility (or interference) is seeding the market to think about wearing.

Google has access to.wish to. goal to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. innovations in web search and advertising website a top internet property and our brand recognition all over the world One is made. "to investors," We mainly provide relevant and cost effective online advertising revenue generated from. "

According to comScore, Google sites in the U.S. for March are the top ranking web sites. According to Alexa, Google Earth and internet site number one or two in the U.S.. Number one ranking on Google and Facebook FB around between -0,34% flips. YouTube in the U.S. in the world and is ranked as number three internet site. YouTube is a Google property, and Baidu, Yahoo, and other major facilities like Amazon outranks.

Supper Mario 3D Game
Mario bros Mario is back from dinner Again. With this game online with free online games is the game. Mario and his companions, one of Nintendo's first 3D multiplayer platformer recognizable once again to exploit the "Super Mario 3D world." Comparative Profile strikingly in Nintendo's prototypal on the scroller in a 3D environment, "Super Mario Galaxy" amusements, features an all new multi-player mode made the best diverted from the studio, "Super Mario Bros 2."
We support single player modes and testing, not long from now, in E3 gaming expo in turn was enabled. Features single player, players are going to face the exceptional look forward to see, or think they remember or not allowed to see, entertainment Polaroid control plots.

Center mode, Polaroid skin repair with four to play on the beach is located. Nintendo characters recreations center as part of a regular screen or do not need the extra screen, 3D investigati on offer across the screen. It really makes it stand out that Mario leisure choice.

Arbitrarily as players flail their legs back different characters, or Luigi, who runs quicker than a frog, you can decide to play as. In addition, players end lengthy separations buoy guess you can use this skirt princess Peach, you can decide to control. Oh, and of course you can play as Mario as well. He noted that most can hop.

Show E3 Gaming, Xbox vs PlayStation 4 the next level of a

Usually reach level open spaces are divided by the skimming stressed conditions. Players of nature by means of teleportation field turf between different areas has the potential to achieve. If you use one of these boxes, about you - can not face. Investigate each of the four players is limited, however, offer some investigations that can cross different specific ways planet. In front of the pack as the player pushes forward, Polaroid fell behind on their fellow team members can do something with them immediately. If a character has fallen too far behind the pack in a pocket of air flows are transferred to. Players fall back on the ground can not kick the bucket.

Each level adds gameplay detectable profundity to face on account of the vast hall of the high-definition 3D sceneries with its own look particularly unusual. 3D design view and a side view of a kit was not really playing it felt as though centered around the presentation was unusual.

For example, character level, around pipes and can be used to travel to the mists "Super Mario 3D" similar features new world transparent hindrances,.

A new power-up "Super Mario 3D world on" a magnificent chime notable players who have discovered the cat suit. Cat suits a player when he or she has acquired the ability to walk normally distributed may not have the ability to walk. Power against their enemies, as well as his stampede of new players Hooks swivel allows very fast.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Specs Review Galaxy S4 Zoom is a smartphone that has a camera of 10x optical zoom. This smartphones has utimate edge with high quality Samsung Applications. Due to upgraded camera technology Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a ray of hope and convenience for photography lovers. There is no need to carry an extra camera to capture nature and memorable moments because you have Galaxy S4 Zoom.

This smartphone has larger lenses and larger sensor in comparison to other mobile phones which have ordinary camera. Having 10x optical zoom this smartphone is thicker in comparison to other smartphones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 ect. Because of the thickness the user may suffer but the thickness is not enough that can't be controlled in pockets.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is also called Galaxy S4 Mini. This cellphone has lot of applications just like other Samsung android cellphones.

OS                           Jelly Beans 4.2
Networks                  2.5G, 3G or 4G LTE
Display                     4.3inch, Supper AMOLED
                               960 540 Resolution
Precessor                  1.5Ghz Dual Core
Primary Camera 16MP
Sec Camera             1.9MP
Lens                        24-240m
Focal length               F3.1-F6.3, autofocus
Recording full HD     1920'1080
Bluetooth,NFC         Yes
MicroSD Slot           Yes
Storage                   Upto 64GB

Nyko Play Station 4 Wireless Controllers

How To Charge PS4 Controllers, PlayStation 4, Price Of Nyko PS4 Controllers, Wireless Controllers, great revolution of Play Station 2 and Play Station 3, Play Station 4 is being expected to be off great demand. Many players don't feel comfortable while playing with wired controllers because the player is not free to make any movement.
If you are worried avout game controllers of Play Station 4 then you don't need to be worried because Nyko is going to launch wirelles gaming congtrollers for Nyko's Xbox One and Play Station 4. They will be available in the market for just 30$. By launching this game controllers the gaming experience will be of next generation. These wireless controllers are charged by a charging base. This charging base exists in two models, one for the Xbox One and the other is for Play Station 4. Play Station 4 is much more complex than Xbox One. Devices HDMI-out port is the main source for NVIDIA SHEILD dock. By placing dock and sheil device next to the television and hooking up then connecting a wireless controller to SHIELD.

Google Play For Smartphone

http://techgrown.blogspot.comDue to advancement in telecommunication sector, the usage of mobiles phones has increased very much these days. Among large number of mobile users many of them are smartphone users. These smartphones have many functions and applications among them the most important and entertainable functions is personal media player. In the earlier days of technological developement people use walkmans to listen music. Later on ipod and digital MP3 players were introduced. ipod and digital MP3 players come under smartphones.
Earlier MP3 was used to listen music then smartphones were introduced. The main difference between smartphones and MP3 is clear now becuase of internet connectivety. Smartphones are not just storage devices, they many other functions like internet connectivety, file sharing sending and receivin calls and much more functions. Getting music files for smartphones is a issue. There are three sources, how you can get music files for smartphones.
-Music Files.
-Music streaming.
Android phone users have to follow the following steps to get music files.
If you have already music files in your Windows 7 then follow these instructins.
First you have to connect your android smartphone by a data cable. This data cable is your charging cable.
You need to install driver for you desktop computer. If you have internet connection then your smartphone driver will be installed automatically. If you dont have then a driver CD is provided by company. Insert the driver CD in CD-ROM and let the driver be installed. When your smartphone driver is installed you will get notification.
Now double click smartphone driver icon. Driver will open in new window. Now select you music files which are in you PC and drag them in new driver window and let them to complete the progress bar. After this deattach your data cable.
Now open "all apps drawer" and find music app. Next is to re-arrange music files by following the procedure. By using cloud storage function of Google Play you can store upto 20000 music files.
If you find the above procedure more complex then there is a simple step to get music files. Go to you web browser and open Google Play and download Music Manager. Music Manager will help you to download music files from Google Play which you can transfer them to your phone.

Types of Home Networking, Requirements for Networking

Networking Requirements, Ethernet, PowerLine, Networking Hub, How to Create Network,
Today, the Networking is very essential task to maintain multiple computers at one place. There are variety of devices and hardware items in the market with different price range for many reasons. There are 4 types of networking technologies, which are Wireless, Thernet, HomePNA and Powerline networking.

The Wireless Networks use Radio waves to transmit the data between two or more computers. There is no use of any wire in that type of networking and it is easier to install as the installation of Ethernet. The Wireless networks are usually slower than the other types of networking.

The Ethernet networking can be done with the help of Ethernet cables to send data between two or more computers. The cables used in Ethernet networking are less expensive than wireless networking. The Ethernet data cables cover the entire computer required to be connected in the Network with connections of Hubs, Switches and Routers.

HomePNA is based on the Home Telephone Wires for transmitting the Networking Data between the entire computers. There is no need of any kind of Hubs, Switches for creating the Network environment. However, there should be Phone Jack in all rooms where Networking required.

Powerline Network is based on the existing Home Electrical Wiring to send data between the Networked computers. The speed of Powerline Networking is about 200 Mbps.

Hardware requirements for Networking

Networking Adapters are also called Network Interface Cards or NIC, which help the computer to connect each other on the Networking for communications.
Network Hubs and Switches used for connecting the computers to the Ethernet Network.
Routers and Access Points
Modems, Network Cables for Ethernet, HomePNA and Powerline Networks

UK GCHQ Gathering Secret Information of UK Citizens for NSA Operations

As the reports coming from United States that they are tapping the phone calls of the people of the United States and strict security on the Internet the people are using in the United States. Now it is confirmed in the reports published in the UK Newspapers that the main Security Agency of UK (Government Communications Headquarters GCHQ) is also working in the same pattern as United States agencies and this is happening with the full help of US Agencies for monitoring the Internet and Phone Calls of the UK Residents, reported by Guardian Newspaper of United Kingdom where they said that the some documents given by GCHQ to them telling that they are retrieving personal conversations of the people like Emails, Photos, IMs, shared Videos. GCHQ doing this with the cooperation of United States Big Internet Companies operating in the United Kingdom and United States.This practises continue since June 2010 with the UK Citizens. The main Prism System is in the United States, where they also send the information to UK and also get the information from United Kingdom.

However, the spokesperson of GCHQ has said that they do not have any comment regarding these reports because we did not open our intelligence matter publicly as this Prism matter. Because the many Internet Giants are from US and far away from the laws of UK about such activities, so there is no matter to any action against these companies who are engaged for providing such sensitive information to the Agencies.