Google Chrome Cast

Google TV, Google Internet, Google utube, Google Innovation, Google New Invention.Google group, the competitor of Apple TV has introduced a cheap "Chrome Cast" rather than its rival. Chrome Cast of Google is connected to TV's HDMI port to get direct stream of uTube from net flex.
New cheap and afforable device of chrome cast is introduced in American market with a introductory price of $35. This device is not available for internation users as this is only available within US. A new tablet from Google "nexus 7" has also been inroduced recently. No doubt Google's chrome cast launch will give a huge boost in the television industry revolution which will increase television industry. Google is a co-partner of Sony.
In promptly 2010, preceding the NREGA Google TV tried to enter the planet and 'google Tv' started some TV systems, yet the administration was blocked.
Google TV's second heading explanation for flop by buyers to buy costly spare part. Chrome cast only work with TV sets who have HDMI port in it. It mean this will not work with old TV sets who doesn't have this port.
A year ago, Google advertised the Nexus Q unit instantly because of purchaser reaction was withdrawn.

Huawei Ascend P6

Huawei smartphone, Latest Ascend P Series, Quad Core, 5MP Front CameraNew Huawai Ascend P6 is one of the finnest and slimmest smartphone having 6.18mm slim dimension. Huawei mobiles is going to launch its latest mobile having Quad-Core processor of 1.5GHz with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. Ascend P6 has a display of 4.7 inches HD touch screen technology. This much wide screen is best for convenient users as it is not too large or not too small. Its just a standard size gripping quality is strong.
Main feature in Ascend P6 is its 8MP main camera(Primary camera) with autofocus and dual LED flash. It has also 5MP front camera which made it different from other smartphones. Huawei Ascend P6 mobile phone has all features which a smartphone needs to be launched like 8GB built in memory and 2GB of Ram. It Also have FM Radio, SNS integration, Google Talk, Games, GPS, Dual Sim, Mini Sim, Active noise cencellation and all other features.
Hope this ultra slim Huawei Ascend P4 will work in the latest Smartphone market.,

Windows 7 Hidden Features

Windows 7 is one of the best operating system lauched by Microsoft. It has many hidden features such as "how to screenshot in Windows 7", "sticky note" and "windows magnifier It was launched nest after Windows XP. windows 7 is followed by Windows 8 which has many advanced features in it. But Windows 7 has still many hidden features in it which has an extra edge for the users. Some of its features has such a uniqueness that they dont need to be upgraded and no further download.
Some of the best hidden feaures are given.

Snipping Tool:

There are many programes available to take screenshots in Windows 7 but they are not built in. Built in snipping tool in best to take screenshot. In order to take screenshot you have to follow the procedure. Just start while typing word "snipping" in the start Windows search to find the snipping tool. By using this you can take 4 kinds of screanshots which are full-screen, window, rectangular and free-form.
Snipping tool process is complete by following a simple image editor. In image editor you can highlight things, mark things with different colors and pens. Your image is saved in HTML, JPG, PNG or GIF format. By taking screenshot of your Windows you can send it to your friends and use them for help.

Sticky Notes: notes are used to remember something which is noteable. This is a basic freature of Windows 7. To start this click on start button of the Windows and type "sticky note" in search bar. You can create multiple notes in order to be followed. It may be of different colors with different line spacing. Mostly it is shown in the right uper corner of the Windows with small or large size.

Magnifier: tool is used by those users which have low vision, they have problem with the small icons and they need Windows to be magnified. You can also increase the vision by increasing resolution. But by increasing resolution the images of the Windows erupt and they are not visible as normal. Type "Magnifier" in the search bar of the start manu. Using this magnifier you can adjust rather to magnify whole Windows or part of it. A lens of magnifying will appear which will be magnifying tool. Using the docked version in which the top part of your screen becomes the magnified portion of the bottom part.
You can also adjust magnification from 1 to 100% by clicking + or -.

Update Sony Xperia To Android 4.2.2

http://techgrown.blogspot.comAndroid phones can be updated to a certain version which they can support. This upgradation is according to its specification and hardware configuration. Sony Mobile the maker of Sony Xperia which is a largest selling android smartphone has different ways to upgrade. There are two ways which may help you to upgrade your Sony Xperia smartphone. This is how to update Sony Xperia to android 4.2.2.

Update Method 1:

Turn on your Xperia smartphone and go to the "setting" button.
While in "setting" tab down and you will find "about phone".click on this button.
When you click "about button" it will open "system updates" open it.
Your phone will show "your system update" however if you go down on
this bar you will find "check now" button.
When you click it your device will check whether 4.2.2 update for you smartphone is available or not. If there is an upgradation available for you phone then it will shows "update now". 
Click on it and make your android smartphone OS updated.

Update Method 2:

This method is followed when you try to update you smartphone through a PC connection. When you connect your Sony Xperia to your PC a notice will appear saying "Sony Xperia update available" but this notice to follow has no yield if you follow the following instrucitons.
If you havn't install Sony PC Companion software install it first. You can find this software free on net.
This software will help you to connect you smartphone to your PC and will make a connection with your computer or laptop. Once you have installed PC Companion software just attach and de-attach you smartphone from your PC which will shows you whether you device is connected or not. Software will also help you and guide you through rest of procedure in order to install new update. Whole upgradation procedure will take about half an hour in order to complete so update your android only when your smartphone is free of use. When update is installed your Sony Xperia will reboot. It will take 5 minutes to reboot.

Nokia Asha 501: 48hrs Battery mobiles are considered to be the most durable mobile devices. No doubt nokia has decreased its market share because Nokia company has not yet launched Nokia android phone. Nokia brand users are waiting for a long time.
Resently Nokia has launched it cellphone NOKIA Asha 501 which has the standby battery for 48day while using a singal sim.
Launching with Pakistan and Thailand, Nokia Asha 501 will roll out in subsequent weeks across countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. It is said that US, Canada and European markets may not see Asha 501 as Nokia is focusing these rich markets with its Lumia series.

Specifications of NOKIA Asha 501:

Height: 99.2 mm
Width: 58 mm
Thickness: 12.1 mm
Weight: 98 g

Display size: 3, Touch screen QVGA (320 x 240)

SIM card type: Micro SIM
USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, GPRS, EDGE

User data storage: In device, Memory card
Maximum memory card size: 32 GB

Main camera : 3.2 MP
Additional memory of 4GB (card included in box), expandable up to 32GB
Forty free EA Games worth €75 downloadable from Nokia Store

Available colours:
Bright Red,
Bright Green,
Black and white

Maximum 2G standby : 1152 h
Maximum 2G talk    : 17 h