Google Chrome Cast

Google TV, Google Internet, Google utube, Google Innovation, Google New Invention.Google group, the competitor of Apple TV has introduced a cheap "Chrome Cast" rather than its rival. Chrome Cast of Google is connected to TV's HDMI port to get direct stream of uTube from net flex.
New cheap and afforable device of chrome cast is introduced in American market with a introductory price of $35. This device is not available for internation users as this is only available within US. A new tablet from Google "nexus 7" has also been inroduced recently. No doubt Google's chrome cast launch will give a huge boost in the television industry revolution which will increase television industry. Google is a co-partner of Sony.
In promptly 2010, preceding the NREGA Google TV tried to enter the planet and 'google Tv' started some TV systems, yet the administration was blocked.
Google TV's second heading explanation for flop by buyers to buy costly spare part. Chrome cast only work with TV sets who have HDMI port in it. It mean this will not work with old TV sets who doesn't have this port.
A year ago, Google advertised the Nexus Q unit instantly because of purchaser reaction was withdrawn.