New American Immigration Policy

The U.S. Senate has approved a bill under which eleven million immigrants to obtain U.S. citizenship can be granted. This issue got 68% vote for giving immigration and 32% vote for negative.
By the time going forward until it does not support several Republican members who opposed the bill.
Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama said in a statement after the passing of this bill, this bill through the broken U.S. immigration system link near the critical point is reached.

He said the Senate and the House of Representatives their job to do the same.
President Obama's presidential campaign in the U.S. Comprehensive reforms in immigration laws for immigrants was promised.

The Republican members of the anti-immigrant living in the U.S. to give concession to Republican in the Senate voted in favor of this bill.
U.S. Senate leader Harry Reid on Thursday at all 99 polling colleagues in the Senate will be asked to vote for the bill.
He said, 'Do not vote for these people to scatter.
U.S. Democratic Senator Dick Durban said the bill documents such immigrant youth who did not care.
U.S. analysts acknowledge that several Republican members of the country's immigration reform bill in the next elections will be important for their future.