Google Services

Ask people what is the Google and in the form of a sentence is a difficult question to answer, "Google is ...". Google is not widely accepted, but what is Google?

Think of Google's major initiatives.

Google is a search engine. In fact, according to Google 66% market share search engine. And the media that the model is not dead. Google search engine with $ 53 billion in advertising revenue, and $ 300B market cap is the largest technology company. Google makes it interesting as more and more people use search, Google search, people really want it "learns". Google's Q4 earnings transcript (Alpha Search), the "companies of all sizes increase their online advertising investment and we continue to embrace the big players. Actually, here's an interesting tidbit. Looking across the display In, YouTube and more, our Advertisers to the top 25. during the year are spending an average of $ 150 million "and copy Google's Q1 earnings by more than 95% of their advertisers Screen Run across their ad campaigns have adopted.

Google's YouTube. Alexa ranks YouTube as the United States and the third most popular website in the world and it is the most popular online video websites. And it's great reach and influence. Celebrities on YouTube to go viral and buzz marketing has created. Google investors should be happy that a step has been invested in video. YouTube's popularity, it was similar to a Subscription model and unique leverage on youtube, may be more likely to see it succeed plans.

Gmail is Google. Here's the exact rate is difficult to find. comScore, Google now 289 million, respectively, Yahoo! and Microsoft Outlook with Hotmail features the top 325 million users and $ 298 million in closing that. Alternatively, Google has 425 million active Gmail users said about a year ago. Regardless, Google, e-mail This e-mail with strong offers and promotions from The Hangouts (like Skype) and his new ability to afford a g-mail e-mail (via Google Wallet) as innovative ways to improve the experience, is coming along.

Google, the Android operating system. Download Android mobile operating system dominated league charts. IDC the Android operating system in the mobile operating system market share to 75 percent this year compared to the year increased 79.5% reported last week. He is still the Android market share numbers for most. And with Google's operating system is the opportunity to get free apps which comes ecosystem.

Google Maps has. Apple to remove the iOS6 release of Google Maps, Google Maps, a comScore analysis of the year-end as measured by unique monthly visitors on 2012 (not just the top ranking map app) in was ranked top mobile app. Apple's reaction to the move worth it because Apple can not do. Not only Tim Cook, CEO, Apple has replaced Google Maps map to issue a public apology, but within three months, Google on Apple's iTunes store, a new and improved I was able to put Google Maps. Google Map app is the most rated and Maps to provide location-based ads to come with a unique opportunity. (Also note, Google Play, Gmail, search, and YouTube for the most popular mobile apps, five of the top six places.)

Google sells hardware. Motorola's smartphones and tablets and Google's smartphone portfolio with Google's Nexus line are not forgotten about.

Google is creating ultra high-speed Internet connection. To date, Google Provo and Austin, Texas with her announcements to roll out its fiber connections in Kansas City has to offer. Ultra high-speed Internet connections in the U.S. than in average Internet connection speeds 100 times faster. The company has remained tight-lipped about its plans, but at least, better Internet connection to use the internet to maximize leadership, which means a better Internet experience, can be assumed. And Google ad campaigns across the screen with the ability to provide better basis for Internet ads.

Google is now streaming music. This past week, all accessible via Google Play Music $ 9.99 per month ($ 7.99 for the first user) for a monthly subscription rate of one million songs announced its intention to present. Only 13 percent of them pay for the service, and service, of which an estimated 6 million salary with 22 million users 175 million users it with Spotify, Pandora takes.

Google Wearable technology. Google glasses, eyeglass frames embedded in a wearable computer, received a lot of attention, and it has been officially released before it was even banned in some places. Google, like others, these wearable devices, making it easy to take with you to create a new province is established. Today, Google to mainstream glasses cost more than $ 1,500 for expenses, but provides the technology and its related facility (or interference) is seeding the market to think about wearing.

Google has access to.wish to. goal to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. innovations in web search and advertising website a top internet property and our brand recognition all over the world One is made. "to investors," We mainly provide relevant and cost effective online advertising revenue generated from. "

According to comScore, Google sites in the U.S. for March are the top ranking web sites. According to Alexa, Google Earth and internet site number one or two in the U.S.. Number one ranking on Google and Facebook FB around between -0,34% flips. YouTube in the U.S. in the world and is ranked as number three internet site. YouTube is a Google property, and Baidu, Yahoo, and other major facilities like Amazon outranks.