Samsung ATIV Q Tablet

samsung ATIV Q, thinnest tab, latest tab by samsungSamsung has launched its new Tablet.This is the most advanced Samsung Tablet named as "ATIV Q". This tablet has 13.3" screen. A unique feature of this Samsung tablet is it can run two operating systems, Windows 8 and Android operating system. some people dont like to type on touch screen. This tablet has some special attraction for those users because it has a keyboard which can be withdrawn from tablet and can be used for both keyboard and stand. Following Asus Tablet and Asus laptop Samsung launched Samsung ATIV Q.

 According to our opinion this tablet will open new era of technology and will have a great share in technology market because of its unique features. Both Google and Microsoft applications can be used. So you can get and use both Google and Microsoft Applications. Samsung ATIV
Q has Intel chip and has a battery life of 9 hours. Its display screen is designed in such a way which can be used in night as well as in daylight so that user will have no problem according to display. On the same day a new computer was launched by Samsung called Active Tab 3. It is said that this is the thinnest tab ever launched by Samsung. This Tab has Windows 8 operating system