UK GCHQ Gathering Secret Information of UK Citizens for NSA Operations

As the reports coming from United States that they are tapping the phone calls of the people of the United States and strict security on the Internet the people are using in the United States. Now it is confirmed in the reports published in the UK Newspapers that the main Security Agency of UK (Government Communications Headquarters GCHQ) is also working in the same pattern as United States agencies and this is happening with the full help of US Agencies for monitoring the Internet and Phone Calls of the UK Residents, reported by Guardian Newspaper of United Kingdom where they said that the some documents given by GCHQ to them telling that they are retrieving personal conversations of the people like Emails, Photos, IMs, shared Videos. GCHQ doing this with the cooperation of United States Big Internet Companies operating in the United Kingdom and United States.This practises continue since June 2010 with the UK Citizens. The main Prism System is in the United States, where they also send the information to UK and also get the information from United Kingdom.

However, the spokesperson of GCHQ has said that they do not have any comment regarding these reports because we did not open our intelligence matter publicly as this Prism matter. Because the many Internet Giants are from US and far away from the laws of UK about such activities, so there is no matter to any action against these companies who are engaged for providing such sensitive information to the Agencies.