Google Play For Smartphone

http://techgrown.blogspot.comDue to advancement in telecommunication sector, the usage of mobiles phones has increased very much these days. Among large number of mobile users many of them are smartphone users. These smartphones have many functions and applications among them the most important and entertainable functions is personal media player. In the earlier days of technological developement people use walkmans to listen music. Later on ipod and digital MP3 players were introduced. ipod and digital MP3 players come under smartphones.
Earlier MP3 was used to listen music then smartphones were introduced. The main difference between smartphones and MP3 is clear now becuase of internet connectivety. Smartphones are not just storage devices, they many other functions like internet connectivety, file sharing sending and receivin calls and much more functions. Getting music files for smartphones is a issue. There are three sources, how you can get music files for smartphones.
-Music Files.
-Music streaming.
Android phone users have to follow the following steps to get music files.
If you have already music files in your Windows 7 then follow these instructins.
First you have to connect your android smartphone by a data cable. This data cable is your charging cable.
You need to install driver for you desktop computer. If you have internet connection then your smartphone driver will be installed automatically. If you dont have then a driver CD is provided by company. Insert the driver CD in CD-ROM and let the driver be installed. When your smartphone driver is installed you will get notification.
Now double click smartphone driver icon. Driver will open in new window. Now select you music files which are in you PC and drag them in new driver window and let them to complete the progress bar. After this deattach your data cable.
Now open "all apps drawer" and find music app. Next is to re-arrange music files by following the procedure. By using cloud storage function of Google Play you can store upto 20000 music files.
If you find the above procedure more complex then there is a simple step to get music files. Go to you web browser and open Google Play and download Music Manager. Music Manager will help you to download music files from Google Play which you can transfer them to your phone.