Types of Home Networking, Requirements for Networking

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Today, the Networking is very essential task to maintain multiple computers at one place. There are variety of devices and hardware items in the market with different price range for many reasons. There are 4 types of networking technologies, which are Wireless, Thernet, HomePNA and Powerline networking.

The Wireless Networks use Radio waves to transmit the data between two or more computers. There is no use of any wire in that type of networking and it is easier to install as the installation of Ethernet. The Wireless networks are usually slower than the other types of networking.

The Ethernet networking can be done with the help of Ethernet cables to send data between two or more computers. The cables used in Ethernet networking are less expensive than wireless networking. The Ethernet data cables cover the entire computer required to be connected in the Network with connections of Hubs, Switches and Routers.

HomePNA is based on the Home Telephone Wires for transmitting the Networking Data between the entire computers. There is no need of any kind of Hubs, Switches for creating the Network environment. However, there should be Phone Jack in all rooms where Networking required.

Powerline Network is based on the existing Home Electrical Wiring to send data between the Networked computers. The speed of Powerline Networking is about 200 Mbps.

Hardware requirements for Networking

Networking Adapters are also called Network Interface Cards or NIC, which help the computer to connect each other on the Networking for communications.
Network Hubs and Switches used for connecting the computers to the Ethernet Network.
Routers and Access Points
Modems, Network Cables for Ethernet, HomePNA and Powerline Networks