Update Sony Xperia To Android 4.2.2

http://techgrown.blogspot.comAndroid phones can be updated to a certain version which they can support. This upgradation is according to its specification and hardware configuration. Sony Mobile the maker of Sony Xperia which is a largest selling android smartphone has different ways to upgrade. There are two ways which may help you to upgrade your Sony Xperia smartphone. This is how to update Sony Xperia to android 4.2.2.

Update Method 1:

Turn on your Xperia smartphone and go to the "setting" button.
While in "setting" tab down and you will find "about phone".click on this button.
When you click "about button" it will open "system updates" open it.
Your phone will show "your system update" however if you go down on
this bar you will find "check now" button.
When you click it your device will check whether 4.2.2 update for you smartphone is available or not. If there is an upgradation available for you phone then it will shows "update now". 
Click on it and make your android smartphone OS updated.

Update Method 2:

This method is followed when you try to update you smartphone through a PC connection. When you connect your Sony Xperia to your PC a notice will appear saying "Sony Xperia update available" but this notice to follow has no yield if you follow the following instrucitons.
If you havn't install Sony PC Companion software install it first. You can find this software free on net.
This software will help you to connect you smartphone to your PC and will make a connection with your computer or laptop. Once you have installed PC Companion software just attach and de-attach you smartphone from your PC which will shows you whether you device is connected or not. Software will also help you and guide you through rest of procedure in order to install new update. Whole upgradation procedure will take about half an hour in order to complete so update your android only when your smartphone is free of use. When update is installed your Sony Xperia will reboot. It will take 5 minutes to reboot.